Computer Center

The Clubhouse computer room has four PC's operating with Windows (XP. Vista or Windows 7).  Printers and a scanner are also attached. Internet access is provided through the high speed Comcast cable.

All the computers have been pre-loaded with Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop Elements as well as a variety of freeware. All have Norton anti-virus protection.

If you are computer literate, you can use the equipment whenever the clubhouse is open. Just sign in as a resident or guest (no password required).

You can also bring your own laptop into the computer room (or any room in the vicinity) and access the internet through our wireless system. The password is "guest".

If you are computer challenged, there is still hope. Individual instruction, either in the computer room or on your own computer at home, is offered for Windows, Internet, E-mail, Microsoft Word and Excel, and Photoshop Elements. There is no charge for this. Just make an appointment with one of the Volunteers. Names and phone numbers are posted on the door.

And finally, if you are experiencing difficulties with your home computer, the volunteers will come out and try to resolve your problems. No charge, just call us.


Howard Kliger - (732) 469-6330
Bob Fisher - (908) 447-8792 
David Reissman - (732) 841-8170 (for Mac's)
Susan Kobren - (732 412-7606 (for Mac's)
Art Hoffman - (732) 356-3503