Pool Committee

The pool committee was created by the Canal Walk Board of Directors to provide recommendations for the safety, furnishing and operation of the Canal Walk Pools. 

The Committee’s Chair is Community Manager Tom Merklinger (732) 356-7999 tmerklinger@askaa.com

The regular committee consists of one or more Canal Walk Board members and several volunteers from the community.

The 2015 membership is:

  • Tom Merklinger, Chairman and primary contact
  • Bernie Worst, Canal Walk Board
  • Bob Rossomando, Canal Walk Board (alternate)
  • Kay Bellina
  • Dan Glicklich
  • Bob Greenbaum
  • Joe Maiorana
  • Sal Martino
  • Janice Orosz
  • Bill Winters


Tom Merklinger - (732) 356-7999 - tmerklinger@askaa.com